Version 4

    Stemmed from Meeting Notes: Bay Area Jive User Group, July 23, 2012 (scroll down to the Influencer Council section)


    Mission: Help shape the future of Jive solution strategy.

    What if Jive came consulted with an Influencer Council first, when considering what will go into the next version?


    Please edit this document to:

    • Sign up if you want to participate in an Influencer Council
    • Help brainstorm on potential topics for an Influencer Council


    Influencer Council Participants: (please add yourself if you wish to participate)



    Influencer Council Topics


    Topics should focus on:

    • Role (such as Admin, Moderator)
    • Activities (what actions to these roles perform?)


    Edit this document to flesh out the topics, or suggest new ones.


    TOPIC: Administrator role

    The Admin Console has not been upgraded in a long time. What actions to Admins perform that could be improved?

    Adding a calculated group health index using available reporting/metrics.


    TOPIC: Moderator role

    Actions that could be improved/added: Bulk move/bulk processing, etc.