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    Critical Business Initiatives






        * Increase revenue by getting effective marketing programs to market faster

        * Drive demand through improved knowledge sharing and stronger campaign development

        * Reduce costs through improved cross-functional team collaboration




    Common Challenges






        * Spending too much time in meetings and email; no good way to collaborate across cross-functional teams (internal and external partners)

        * Stuck using document-focused tools (e.g. Sharepoint, Office)

        * Need to optimize campaigns in real-time, but no single place to share insights & rally resources to make changes - leads to potential loss of revenue




    Jive Impact






        * Steal share from competition by getting to market faster through streamlined campaign development and product delivery

        * Generate more leads by sharing market intelligence and collaborating with sales

        * Decrease time and cost of too many meetings trying to wrangle team members in various time zones & countries  







        * Jive's External Groups functionality is available on Jive Cloud.  This functionality will be available the week of 8/13 with the next cloud update.

        * You can provide a Jive for Teams instance for hosted/on-prem customers at your discretion







    Goal:  Encourage new customers to use this feature extensively as it will introduce new users to Jive.



    Cost:  Free, with caps (note: we want to first highlight that this is a value-added feature that is "free" to cloud customers)



        * 50 external users per for every paid (employee) user

        * Each External Group will be contractual limited to 100 external users per group

        * If a customer needs more External Groups users, they can simply buy additional Full Users (increases external users by a 50:1 ratio)