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    I am running up against XYZ Brand new competitor small player - Help!  What do I do?


    First off all , call out that we have not run into this competitor, they are a smaller or new player, unproven and not in any of the analyst reports.


    What you should do. Positioning.

    • Highlight our history of broad customer success with large deployments, that includes tangible results as seen in our survey results.  How many successful companies have deployed the competitor's products?  Do they have any results?
    • Highlight our maturity as an enterprise social platform. This means that they get a richer set of user capabilities for supporting broader engagement across employees, customers, partners, and the social web.
    • Non Existant Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave placement.  Ask the prospect if they are looking to go with an unknown, unproven, untested vendor.
    • Most of the unknowns are just activity streams.  Twitter inside the workplace is not a business solution.
    • Be sure to talk about how Jive has extended capabilities that will help all of the different departments within their company find experts, increase effectiveness and share knowledge, but smaller vendors are a one trick pony.  Do they want a solution that will be able to scale as their company grows?
    • Most smaller vendors neglect file sharing, document previews, outlook, office, mobile integration, gamification, what matters,  .  Lead the customer down the path of admitting these functionalities are important to them (ask them questions around document collab, sharing, mobile, office use, etc)
    • No external groups functionality?  How are they planning to support their partners who need sales and marketing assistance?  With Jive they can just create a group to collaborate with those partners.
    • No external community functionality?  How are they planning to support their customers?  With Jive you can have a community dedicated to customers service.


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    Jive has more customers realizing business benefits than our competitors combined. Jive has also been recognized as aleader by Gartner and Forrester for three years in a row.


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