Version 4

    Our latest Jive Cloud release includes these powerful new features and improvements:

    • Externally Accessible Groups -- Have you ever wanted to create a special group that external users can access so you can collaborate on projects, documents, and so on? Now you can. These special groups let you invite external contributors--such as vendors and partners--to participate in a "walled" group inside an internal network (those designed for employees within one domain). External contributors can see everything within that group, but nothing else in your network. To learn more, read the new section about External Groups in the Jive Help.
    • Get Started guides help new community members contribute faster -- From launching and growing successful company networks over the last 10 years, we've learned a lot about how newbies learn and use Jive. In our latest release, when new users log into Jive for the first time, they are prompted to complete a few key tasks such as posting a status update, connecting with colleagues, and joining a group. This helps new users to quickly engage and contribute in Jive. Users can choose to skip the Get Started guides and explore on their own. They can revisit the guides anytime by clicking the Get Started link in the left sidebar.
    • Create content right from the Activity page -- Now you can create content right from the Activity page by just clicking the icon for discussion, blog post, document, and so on.
    • Search box re-org -- We've rolled the Bookmark and History icons into the main Search box for faster navigation. And now your History is broken out into Frequently Viewed and Recently Viewed items.
    • Attention streams enhancements -- Creating, naming, and managing custom attention streams is even easier now, thanks to the work of our design and development teams.
    • Consolidated Inbox notifications -- Why deal with the same message twice? We've rolled up different types of notifications (@mentions, shares, and so on) in your Inbox to minimize the number of items you see listed there.
    • Email viewing improvements -- Jive emails look better than ever, especially on the mobile app.
    • Redesigned user menu -- The new pop-up view of your user profile provides shortcuts to quickly change your avatar, edit your user profile, and set your preferences. Click the triangle next to your name to check it out.
    • SSO -- With the help of our Professional Services team, you can enable single sign-on functionality in Jive. Contact your Jive Software representative to request an engagement from our PS team.
    • Improved IE7 functionality -- Our design and QA teams have tamed the beast. IE7 works just as it should now.
    • MS Office previews -- We've improved the uploaded file preview feature for MS Office documents, including preview support in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
    • Customize Your Site tool -- Community administrators can now Import/Export themes from/to other Cloud communities.
    • Featured User and Featured Place widgets are now available.

    Known Issues in the Current Release (October 2012)

    • External Users and their actions are not reflected in Community Manager Reports.

    Fixed Issues in the Current Release (October 2012)

    • The default maximum number of attachments per document, blog post, and message has been increased from 5 to 30.
    • In External Groups, you can now invite multiple External Contributors to an External Group, all at once.
    • In External Groups, Standard Users (typically employees) can now use Outlook, Office, and Jive Anywhere with External Groups and content. (Outlook and Office are not available to External Contributors.)
    • Community administrators can now edit their own domains whitelist.
    • Community administrators can disable the status levels feature (Admin Console: People > Settings > Status Level Settings).
    • Fixed the create a personal blog post by email issue when the username is email address.
    • Content editor issue where insert image and anchor tag modals were greyed out when using Chrome and enlarged (zoomed) fonts.
    • A number of minor issues with moderation have been fixed.
    • Many improvements and fixes in the Core API v3.