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    1Like HelpLike your own content.jpgA user is guided they can like their own contentJohn Schwiller12 Aug

    OT: Like is not actually a link here nor is it the primary target action. The idea is to introduce a set of social actions on content. The tip is generic for the first time a user views a document and, for most newer users, they won't have created content yet and this will not be their own. No change planned.


    JS: Agree re the first content the external user sees not being their own. I was just wondering if they don't press 'Don't show again' whether the help text displayed could omit the phrase about like in the even the doc is their own. [minor]

    2External v InternalIn the Admin Console you can make an External Contributor into a Standard but not vice versa. Users we wish to have in Externally Accessible groups might already have accounts, would be useful to be able to flip them. But is the flip from External Contributor to Standard by design?John Schwiller12 Aug

    OT: This is as designed. Upgrading someone to grant them much more access makes sense. Taking away access while wanting to maintain continuity with all they had before makes less sense and creates many issues for the user conceptually (it's messy) and with their previous content and relationships. Our recommendation for users who should be downgraded is to deactivate their full access account and give them a clean start.

    JS: Thanks.

    3Login name has no link colorno link on name.jpgLack of link colour or button makes it less obvious there is a menu here.John Schwiller12 Aug

    OT: There actually is an arrow, and you can barely make it out there. Check it out on Preview. You may be able to change this through Theming.

    JS: Thanks made more prominent using theming but the button outline seems to have disappeared so we only get the triangle. I was getting just the light triangle on light background without the darker square button. Switched to dark triangle. Here's how it looked before upgrade.


    drop down button.jpg

    4Your Groups Widgetyour groups.jpgSuggest Your Groups widget has padding re group icon and a top bar to be consistent.John Schwiller12 Aug

    OT: Thanks. Will suggest this improvement.

    JS: Thanks

    5Add Image to AnnouncementCant add an image to an existing announcement in FF12 or Chrome.John Schwiller12 Aug

    OT: Sounds like a bug - I haven't tried it to verify. I suspect that very few announcements from pre-upgrade will still exist by the time we could get out a fix though so not sure this one is worth filing?

    JS: very sly, like your thinking. See new pt 14.

    6LinkedInUpgrade seemed to loose my authentication to LI. Had to re-authenticate.John Schwiller12 AugOpen
    7Newest Members WidgetNot showing external users.John Schwiller12 Aug

    OT: Is this the newest members within a group? I have seen them appear there but if you're not please open a case with more details. They would not show in the root community.

    JS: New Joiners in external group is fine - they are shown. You are correct this was at the root with the Newest Members widget where they dont appear (even for a Full Access admin) - however when you click the View all newest members link in that widget you are taken to the people directory where you do see them. That's where there was a small apparent inconsistency.

    8Top Rated Content widgettop rated content widget.jpgLost data.John Schwiller13 Aug

    OT: Please open a case.

    JS: Thanks - it's on 213165.

    Waiting on Bug Fix


    9CMR Not DisplayingCMR is not displaying on one J4T but is working on a smaller site.John Schwiller13 Aug

    OT: Please open a case.

    JS: Thanks - it's on 213166.

    10Group Overview widgetgroup overview.jpgGroup type Help in FF & Chrome has stopped. Need a space before 'Externally Accessible'.John Schwiller13 Aug

    OT: Known issue to be fixed. Thanks.

    JS: Thanks.

    11Cant Jive AnywhereCant JA to externally accessible group.John Schwiller13 AugJS: Olivia confirms this is not currently supported, nor Jive for Office or Jive for Outlook to external groups until they can identify 'externally accessible'.Closed
    12Manage AnnouncementsPage needs a way back to the place, for example make the place name a link.John Schwiller13 Aug

    OT: Not sure I understand this one - paste in a link and it should be presented as such.

    JS: Not sure this is what I saw, just tested on Create new announcement and it does takes you back. But Expire doesnt give you a way back to the place - same for re-order. What I meant was make the name of the place a link so you can get back - rather than re-nav to it.

    13AnnouncementsNew announcements do not allow links and @mentions, old ones had these.John Schwiller13 Aug

    OT: I would like these back too. I'll share the feedback with the team that worked on that. Thanks.

    JS: Thanks. Did achieve this with a link 'title'.


    announcre link.jpg



    14Add Image to Announcement

    Some of my earlier probs possibly possibly because FF (13 yesterday 14 today) is my pref.  Had to test it in Chrome to see how it should work 'cleanly'. Also consider that I started trying to add an image to existing Announcement (from memory). [see 5 above as that doesn't work].


    I didn't think it was intuitive that you paste a raw Jive URL in Announce a link and it pre-populates the page title in Title.


    More guidance might help - maybe prompt add a Jive URL?). However now I've learnt how it works I wont forget


    In FF I have to click the add Image link several times to get the dialogue box to open - or at least I can get it to lock-up sometimes when doing multiple clicks - hence you can think it's not working. At least when you hover image box in FF cursor becomes a hand and text becomes underlined (good).


    But in Chrome you dont get text underline and cursor doesn't become a hand (not good).


    I can see why I was getting confused as I switched browsers.

    John Schwiller13 Aug

    OT: Thanks John. I've shared the feedback with the team on this for further consideration.

    JS: Thanks


    15@mention and open invitation to group

    If you @mention a User in a secret group who does not have access you get an amber warning "Xxxx will not be notified of this mention, because they do not have access to this content". However you now do not seem to get that warning if the @mentioned user has an open invitation. However the invited user gets no Inbox notification of the @mention.


    Is the lack of warning by design? - I might even have requested it? Is it the missing Inbox ping that is wrong?

    John Schwiller15 Aug



    16External GroupsOn Social Intranet Solution Pricing and Packages - Jive Software is the tick under Private Cloud delivered via bridging to Jive for Teams? Is there more info on how that would be set-up?John Schwiller15 AugOT: Your reps have details and can advise in these scenarios.Observation
    17Stream doc name not updatingFerd.jpgWhen I created this pdf I made a typo on the page title. That's now fixed but I was expecting the stream reference to update as it would in a link in a document or blog. Looks like stream 'cache' doesn't do that? Could it?John Schwiller17 AugObservation