JW12 Demo Theatre Scheduling

Version 8

    Hi David,


    We have the list of joint SolutionSet/Jive customers currently registered for JiveWorld.  See attached.


    Here are next steps:


    Demo Theatre sponsored by SolutionSet

    • Scheduling - See schedule below
    • Guidelines for filling schedule
      • Open to all customers, partners and prospects
      • Must be registered for JiveWorld 2012 to secure a spot
      • Show off the cool things you are doing with Jive
      • Customer driven
      • No sales pitches
    • Please use the attached list ["SolutionSet & Jive joint customers registered for JW12 as of 8.9.2012.xlsx"] to select up to 8 customers to fill some of the open time slots.
    • Please send back the schedule by August 24th with your confirmed customers in the selected time slots.
    • We [Jive] will then post the schedule in the Jive Community to allow customers, partners and sponsors registered for JiveWorld to fill the remaining time slots.  We do have some other requests for demo slots, so we believe the schedule will fill up quickly.
    • Notes:
      • We have reserved time slots for AMD and LivePerson.  If you need to move their times selected, please feel free to do so.
      • Each time slot is 30 minutes, except Demo #4 and Demo #11, which are both 15 minute time slots - keep this in mind for customer that have short demos


    Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

    Demo Topic
    Beginning TimeEnding Time


    Company Contact
    Demo #1:10:00am PT10:30am PTDemandwareszellmannrohrer@demandware.com
    Demo #2:12:00pm PT12:30pm PTLivePerson
    Demo #3:12:30pm PT1:00pm PTIntelsam.copur@intel.com
    Demo #4:2:00pm PT2:15pm PT
    Demo #5:3:15pm PT3:45pm PTVistagealan.lewis@vistage.com
    Demo #6:4:45pm PT5:15pm PT
    Demo #7:5:15pm PT5:45pm PT


    Thursday, October 11th, 2012

    Demo TopicBeginning TImeEnding Time
    Demo #8:10:00am PT10:30am PTMBO Partnersjlochhas@mbopartners.com
    Demo #9:12:00pm PT12:30pm PTAnalog Devicesandy.rose@analog.com
    Demo #10:12:30pm PT1:00pm PT
    Demo #11:2:00pm PT2:15pm PT
    Demo #12:3:15pm PT3:45pm PT