Version 2
    1. Jive already runs with jQuery installed. If you try including another version of jQuery things tend to break pretty bad. I included the latest version of jQery in an HTML widget and could not edit the page after that. I could not even remove the widget I created. We had to remove it from the DB and reset the system.
    2. In order to use jQuery, you need to use $j instead of $ to avoid conflicts. $ has been disabled by the system.
    3. According to Jive 5 documentation It's good practice to set jQery to a local alias by doing the following:
      1. As a best practice, when using jQuery in any environment, reference the variable jQuery instead of any shorter alias. Creating a local alias for one's own code is a good idea. Here is a common and good approach that helps to future-proof variable changes:

    (function($) {

         // Your code here.  For example:

         $(function() {

              $('#stuff').(/* ... /*);



    ** I like the above aproach because I can copy jQuery code from other sites I work on and simply past it into the above function with out updating all the $ to $j