Version 2

    We've been brain-storming metrics and reporting we'd love to get out of our Jive deployment, and this is what we came up with.  Our general functionality wishes include:

    • Jive-aware
    • Integrated within Jive itself
    • Ability to distribute reporting to container owners
    • Ability to create reports on specific content, as well as drill down / click through into actual items
    • Ability to report on the entire site, or restricted to a given container (and optionally its sub-containers), and/or an enumerated list of containers. This last item is important: We'd love to define a meta-container called a "community", which contains a list of containers (spaces and groups) for more complex community implementations.


    The table below documents our desired list of reporting.  I've struggled with how to represent this, so feel free to edit and improve if you have a better way to word or arrange something.  Perhaps we can clean this up and use to help identify priorities for Jive (or 3rd-party) development?  Or even tie back to Jive Analytics and Reporting Solutions and note which tools can do these today?


    What am I missing that you are either using today or wish you had?


    RequirementGrouping / SortingComments
    Top ContributorsAttribute (e.g., Reports-To, Country, State, etc.)List of top contributors for a given time range
    Active UsersTrend graph of the number of active users for a given time range
    Profile CompletionBy manager, & Manager's managerShould show a percent completed similar to how Linkedin steps you through their profile creation process
    Top FollowedPeople with the most followers
    Top FollowersPeople following the most people
    Connection Network MapGeneral network analysis of people following
    Top ContainersUsed to get top spaces, groups, projects.  Would be nice to also be able to report on top containers by activity type.
    Top Followed Containers
    Container FollowersList of users following a container
    Bottom / Stale ContainersStale groups/spaces/projects
    Creation TrendsBy user, manager, space/group
    Most viewsBy user, manager, space/group
    Most editedBy user, manager, space/group
    Most commentedBy user, manager, space/group
    Content Activity DetailReturns list of users and activity type
    Unanswered QuestionsBy user, manager, space/group
    Answered QuestionsBy user, manager, space/group
    Top Correct AnswersBy user, manager, space/groupReturns list of users that provide the most correct answers.
    Avg. Time to ResponseQuestions with any response
    Avg. Time to Helpful
    Avg. Time to Correct
    Top Rated ContentLikes as well a 5-star ratings
    Top Followed Documents
    Content FollowersTop people following content
    Unused / Stale ContentContent not accessed since date or # of days
    Document DetailsBy manager/geoWho has viewed/edited it, commented
    Top Search Terms
    Click PathsRoutes taken through site
    Concurrent UsersBy region/locationHow many users are online at any given time