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    In order to work with the Jive developer tools, your development machine will need to be able to communicate with remote servers on the internet over both port 22 (SSH) for Git pushes and port 443 (HTTPS) for web service calls. Port 443 is generally open, but port 22 may not be, in your environment.


    Options for Port 22:


    1. Ask your IT department to open port 22, atleast to


    2. Setup a tunnel for SSH over an HTTP proxy server: There are some tools that allow you to setup a tunnel for SSH over an HTTP proxy. I don't have personal experience with these tools yet, you might try setting up access to SSH over an HTTP proxy using a tool called Corkscrew. Your mileage may vary. In the future we may expand this page with further instructions on how to do this, but here are some pages to point you in the right direction:



    Proceed to the Creating a Basic "Hello World" App tutorial.