Version 1

    This tutorial walks you through the basics of the Jive Apps SDK. The goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Each chapter of the tutorial presents a new concept and provides working examples that you can use to build your own application. We appreciate any feedback you have that helps improve the Jive Apps SDK.

    Note that in some cases, e.g. the Jive Connects API, your Jive instance may need to be configured to take advantage of the capability provided by the SDK.

    Chapter 1: Creating a Basic "Hello World" App

    Acquaint yourself with the development environment and create your first application. Manipulate your app and view the changes in the sandbox.

    Chapter 2: Using the OpenSocial API

    Add social data to your application using the industry standard OpenSocial API.

    Chapter 3: Using the Jive Core API

    This chapter will show you how to read and write Jive data using the Jive Core API.

    Chapter 4: Using the Jive Application Gateway API

    Pull in data from an external system (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and publish to activity stream via gateway.

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    Learn how to pull in info from other enterprise systems (Documentum,, etc.)