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    This document is meant to track status-level themes that have been submitted from:

    What do you think the Status Levels in the Jive Community should be?

    or other avenues.


    LevelsCreator(s)Notes / Refrences
    • Weiner
    • Dufus
    • Poindexter
    • Peanut
    • Dude
    • Bro
    • Homey
    • Rapmaster
    • Funklord
    Aaron PerrotteSEGA classic Toe Jam and Earl
    • Novice
    • Apprentice
    • Journeyman
    • Advocate
    • Adept
    • Expert
    • Master
    • Guru
    • Savant
    Aaron PerrotteLeaning back to medieval realm of guilds, I think ranking in JIVE could emulate taking on the craft of social professionalism. That the rank denotes a user's understanding in their progression, as well as their rising aptitude.
    • Youngling
    • Padawan
    • Jedi Knight - 1st Degree
    • Jedi Knight - 2nd Degree
    • Jedi Knight - 3rd Degree
    • Jedi Master - 1st Degree
    • Jedi Master - 2nd Degree
    • Jedi Master - 3rd Degree
    • Jedi Grand Master

    Aaron Perrotte

    Ryan Rutan

    Jedi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Re: What do you think the Status Levels in the Jive Community should be?

    • Red Shirt
    • Ensign
    • Security
    • Science Officer
    • Engineer
    • Medical Officer
    • #1
    • Starship Captain
    • Fleet Admiral
    Aaron Perrotte
    • Red Shirt: Beware of falling objects, exotic planets, and undiagnosed peanut allergies.
    • Ensign: Showing promise you’re fresh out of the academy with a bright future ahead of you.
    • Security: AKA Professional escort service to the brig.
    • Science Officer: Exobiology might not have gotten you many dates back at the academy, but, when alien life forms infect half the crew that serum isn’t going to replicate itself.
    • Engineer: You keep this bucket of bolts chugging with blood, sweat and dilithium crystsal.
    • Medical Officer: Damn it, I’m a doctor not a *Insert miscellaneous occupation*
    • #1: Invaluable leadership to your crew, and on certain away missions you get to sit in the chair. You’re one failed away mission from the big show.
    • Starship Captain: You’re bold daring and the heartthrob of known space.
    • Fleet Admiral: You’re legendary prowess in countless battles has gotten you cushy position to make cameos as you see fit.
    • Beige
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Turquoise
    • Coral
    Bruce Hoppe

    Re: What do you think the Status Levels in the Jive Community should be?

    Spiral Complexity Dynamics


    See: above post for detailed diagram                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

    • Bieber =)
    • New Kid On The Block
    • Little Feat
    • Foreigner
    • Crosby, Stills, Nash and You
    • A Rolling Stone
    • The Fifth Beatle
    • Mozart
    Brad Chesman

    Theme: Music of the most awesome caliber

    Open for Feedback

    • Mortal
    • Muse
    • Titan
    • Hero
    • Olympian
    • Demigod
    • Mars/Venus
    • Nepturne/Minerva
    • Jupiter/Juno
    Connie Lease

    Theme: Mythology and Gods/Goddesses

    Open for Feedback