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    Submitting Your App To The Jive Apps Market


    So, you've got an app you are happy with, and you feel it's ready for listing in the Jive Apps Market. This tutorial will walk you through submitting your application and then updating it live as changes come up.


    Step 1: Complete Your Application

    This tutorial assumes that you have already completed your gadget and that it works well. If you haven't gone through this process, start with Jive Apps Basics Tutorial for Jive 5.x.


    Step 2: Access Your App In The Developer Center

    The Developer Center is one of the components of the Jive Apps ecosystem (along with the Jive Developer Community, the App Sandbox, Jive Apps Gateway, and other components). It's where you'll submit your application and manage its listing. Just click "Your Apps" in the upper right hand corner of this page -- you'll need to log in if you haven't already.




    Step 3: Find The App You Wish To Submit

    You'll see a list of all the apps you've registered with Jive, displayed as in the screenshot below.

    If you created multiple apps, you will need to locate the specific application you are looking to submit for approval into the Market.

    Click either of the links for the app to access its details.




    Step 4: Fill Out Your Jive Apps Listing

    After you click on your listing, you 'll be prompted to fill out the some details to flesh out the listing for your app:


    • Category: Provide a category so users know what the function of the app is.
    • Description: Use this free-form plain text field to describe the benefits and value of your app.  The limit is 2,000 characters. This field is the main part of your Jive App listing.  At the end of this listing we also request that in you add instructions for users to find your app's privacy policy.
    • Highlights: You can provide up to four 500-character highlights for your app. These highlights will appear as bullet points below the description.
    • Version: This is another free-form plain text field where you can specify a version number. This version number, which is visible to app users, is independent of the build number you have seen in Step 3 above and Steps 7 and 8 below. Think of the version number as a marketing tool to inform users when a major or minor change to your app has been released.
    • Price: Your app may be either free or paid. If you choose to charge for your app, you need to provide both a price per user per month price and a price per community per year. See Jive Apps Market FAQ for more details on pricing your app.
    • Support: All apps must provide a support mechanism: either a support community or website, or a support email channel.
    • Installation Instructions: If your app requires any Jive Connects services you will have the opportunity to provide some basic instructions for administrators looking to install your app.

    After these fields have been filled out, you can either Save your information to come back later, Submit for approval, or double check your App Data and App Preview. We recommend checking your App Data. You can do this by scrolling back towards the top of the page and clicking "App Data."




    Step 5: Double Check Your App Data

    In the App Data screen, you'll see the app data you have contributed via the Open Social spec within your app.xml file. Here you can validate your app title, short description, author name, screenshots, icons, and other fields. To change any of these fields, you will need to go back and recommit a new version of your gadget. Be sure your app screenshots and icons render; if there are any broken images, either there's a problem with your gadget, or the images have not been properly uploaded.




    Step 6: Examine Your App Listing And Submit

    Click into the Preview screen towards the top of the page to see exactly how your app will render in the Market. If you need to make any changes, you can click back to the App Market Listing page or submit a new gadget.xml file as discussed above. When you are comfortable, click the "Submit for Approval" button.




    Step 7: Wait For Jive To Approve Your Application

    After you hit Submit for Approval, the Jive Apps team will receive notification that your app is ready for approval. The team will put the app through a verification process (described elsewhere -- link forthcoming) and make a decision to approve or reject the app. You will be able to see the state of the app throughout this process (either submitted, rejected, or active). If, for some reason, your app is rejected, Jive will give you all the details about why the app was rejected and what might be done to bring the app into compliance. Your Build version will also change to V1 -- if this is your first submission -- to indicate that the app version has been locked.




    Step 8: Update Your Live Application

    After Jive has approved your application into the Market you will again be able to make active changes to your app and app listing and submit those changes again for approval (repeating the proceeding steps). You will now have both a Sandbox and Live version of your app. You can make any changes you wish to the Sandbox version. You will have read-only access to the Live version. As you continue to make changes to your app such as fixing bugs, adding features, and changing the listing, the build number will increment upward over time. You have no control over the number. However, as discussed in step 4 above, this number is for you and Jive only; the free-text version number you choose will be displayed to users.