Version 14

    ~ WELCOME! ~

    Welcome to the Jive Developer Community! We are glad that you're here and can't wait to get you started building awesome integrations with the Jive Platform. We're constantly working on improving our community,adding more content, example code, and other cool stuff. It's a constant "work in progress". There's a lot here and sometimes it just helps to have a cheat sheet. Hopefully, this doc will be the shortcut to get you up and running and pumping out code ASAP! 


    Jive has added a ton more ways to build innovative integrations. This reflects our continued commitment to our developers and partners to make the planet's best social business platform available in every conceivable way. There are some great sessions at JiveWorld that you can watch to get an intro to the Jive platform and get a sense of what's possible.

    Jive IS your enterprise development platform!

    Integration Stories with Jive Anywhere, External Storage and Streams

    JIVETalks: Developer

    Don't Alt-Tab Your Life Away: Bring Business Apps Into Your Social Experience at the Right Place at the Right Time!

    Socialize Your Mobile Apps! - Introducing the Jive iOS SDK


    We're also putting together the Developer Add-on "Cookbook" that will show you lots of "recipes" to get you started. Here are some highlights:

    Integration with a purpose!

    New in Jive 7 is the concept of Purposeful Places. Now, places in Jive, e.g. social groups, can become a place of focused interaction. Purposeful places helps concentrate knowledge highlights exactly what the team needs to know and do by combining Jive content with external data and activity. We introduce several new concepts with Purposeful Place, including Tiles, Activity Stream Tiles, and Templates. Building your own Tiles and Stream integrations could not be easier. In fact, we've got a new Jive SDK available in github and some API documentation to help you get started.


    Integration on the Go!

    Are you building your own iPhone app? Wouldn't it be super cool to make your app "social" by bringing in all the power of Jive? Now you can! We will be contributing to open source, via our github, a complete SDK for building iOS applications that take advantage of Jive. This is no lightweight SDK either--it's the exact same code that we used to build the Jive mobile applications. In fact, we've already been working with a third party who has taken it and used it to build an iPhone app.


    Anywhere you are, you've got Jive!

    Jive Anywhere is one of the coolest things ever! Using Jive Anywhere, it's incredibly easy to create new content in Jive from any Web site. More than that, it also allows you to see any conversations or content that might be relevant to the site that you are browsing. For example, if you are looking at a profile on LinkedIn, you will be able to see if there are any pertinent discussions related to that individual. The best part is that as a developer you will now be able to build your own cartridges (the code that powers Jive Anywhere)! Imagine you've got a complex back end system that has important information, say a key financial report, that you want to start a discussion in your community. No more cut & paste! No more simple URLs! Now just write a cartridge and bring the full, rich context of that information directly in Jive. The SDK will be released shortly and you can find a sampling of cartridges in our github.



    Jive Apps

    To get yourself familiar with the concept of apps, you should read the document What does it mean to build a social business app? This document will introduce the concepts of an application and some best practice integration patterns. Once you are comfortable with what a social app is, it's time to start building one of your own! As you get started it's important to understand your target audience, and we categorize the 'audience' into "just for your company", or for "all Jive instances". The Jive Application Framework Overview provides a very high level look at Jive Apps. This will help you familiarize yourself with the what they are and what's possible. You'll see how to setup your account or your company's account, add multiple people under one account in order to jointly manage App submissions, and get links to the docs that answer some of the initial questions that developers have.



    Wrapping Up!


    That's it! Hopefully, you've got a good handle on all the possible integration points with Jive! Of course, if you've got a question, don't hesitate to ask a question in the Developer Community! There are lots of Jivers and other community members that are willing to help getting you the information you need. You can also watch Jive's github for changes to any repository you might be interested in. Make sure to follow the documents of the sections you are interested in because we'll be adding to them over the next few weeks. That's it for now.

    Happy coding!