Version 1

    As discussed in the documentation about Jive Connects, the tag value of a Jive Connects service definition defines the API that is implemented by a particular service endpoint, and is also used in an application's gadget.xml file to request a service that implements a particular API.  To maximize interoperability, service tags SHOULD conform to a common format, and different apps that reference the same API should use the same tag value.

    The following format is suggested:


    where the variables in the above template are replaced as follows:

    • {domain} -- Fully qualified domain name of the author/maintainer of the API this tag references.
    • {api} -- Unique (per domain) identifier of the particular API this tag references.
    • {version} -- Version number of this API that is required (by an app) or provided (by a service).


    The following table lists service tags for some common cloud services that might be accessed by Jive Connects applications:


    Service Name & DescriptionRecommended Jive Connects Service Tag
    AppFusions JIRA in Jive Integration Connectorjive:service://
    Atlassian Jirajive:service://atlassian/jira/api?version=1
    Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)jive:service://
    Facebook Graph APIjive:service://
    Linked Injive:service://
    Microsoft Sharepoint API (Generic)jive:service://
    Microsoft SharePoint API (Sharepoint 2007 Specific)jive:service://
    Microsoft SharePoint API (SharePoint 2010 Specific)jive:service://
    SalesForce.Com REST APIjive:service://
    Twitter APIjive:service://


    Here's what the configuration screen looks like in the Jive Admin Console: