Version 2

    This may be of interest for community managers or project leads who are in the process of implementing Jive at their workplace, yet wrestle with identifying the best mechanism for communicating status updates to the organization.


    As the planning and execution of our internal community takes shape (we're implementing Jive Cloud), I've made a point of capturing and broadcasting brief (< 5 minute) video updates company-wide to keep employees in the know regarding our progress. These videos are part of a larger, continuous communication plan that carries across the entire implementation, but early indications are that this visual medium and short burst format are being well received throughout the organization. We currently host multimedia content in assorted directories on a private site, and in so have the ability to track traffic metrics for specific content via Google Analytics. The August project status video embedded below received some 135 views (representing nearly 78% of our initial target rollout audience) within 48 hours of posting.



    The message seemed clear from my perspective: folks were and are keen to be kept in the loop regarding our progress with Jive.  I plan to keep the video updates rolling as our project unfolds.