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    September 13th,  2012 was the day we gave Jive to Brazil...

    Jive Latin America Partner Community

    I am happy to announce that we had a great Jive Launch event in Brazil with over 120+ attendees and 19 press companies.

    Our Sponsoring Partners were Plusoft (Platinum), Grupo Assa (Gold), Bracta, Memora, T-Systems & PromonLogicalis (Silver). We thank all of our partners for driving the introduction of Jive BrazilSocial Business in Brazil.

    We had Matt Tucker (CTO and Co-Founder), Tim Albright (Social Business Top Strategist) and Cameron Deatsch (Senior Marketing Director) delivering the whole Social Business message to the audience with great acceptance.  Also CSC (Ernesto Díaz, Senior Director of Innovation) and SAP (Oliver Hid Arida, Senior Director of Customer Advocacy) presented their success stories in how they use Jive as a critical mission platform.

    This will bring the momentum to drive the initial adoption in this great market.



    Here in the picture Al Caravelli, Tim Albright, Felix Rubio, Fernando De Allende, Jason Wesbecher and Matt Tucker



    Below are the press articles for this great event:


    CRN Brasil:

    TI Inside:

    RCR Wireless Americas:

    Jornow - São Paulo - 14/09:

    <> &num_release=80142

    Difundir - São Paulo - 14/09:

    <> &num_release=80142&ori=V

    Investimentos e Noticias - São Paulo - 14/09:

    Futura Online - São Paulo - 14/09:

    Portal Nacional - São Paulo - 16/09:


    Refrescante - São Paulo - 14/09:

    Maxpress - São Paulo -14/09:,529929,JIVE_chega_ao_Brasil,529929,


    Agregário - São Paulo - 14/09:

    IT Web - São Paulo - 14/09:

    Journal Petit - São Paulo - 15/09:

    Rede Lajeado - Rio Grande do Sul - 14/09:

    IC News - São Paulo -14/09:

    Ecofinanças - São Paulo - 14/09:

    Call to Call - São Paulo - 13/09:


    Portal Fator Brasil - São Paulo - 15/09: