Version 4

    Welcome to Jive Apps!

    You are about to unleash the power of Jive's social business platform. By leveraging the Jive API, OpenSocial, and common Internet technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you'll be able to quickly extend Jive with your business application. You'll have full access to the power of Jive through the API, including being able to use the social graph, content, e.g. document, discussion, and What Matters in your application. There are a few parts to this tutorial, each represented by it's own doc. Remember, you've got the entire Jive Community willing to jump in and make you successful. Don't hesitate to post a question in the Jive Developers space.


    Before you get started, please make sure you read the Hey, I'm new here, how do I get started? document. This contains important information on getting your Jive Apps development environment setup and configured.

    Getting Started

    Your First App in 5 Minutes!

    Understanding how an app works; app.xml, features, and views


    This has given you the basics of getting started building your own Jive App! You are now well on your way to building your own killer Jive App!You should make sure you become familiar with the Jive Core JavaScript API. Future articles will explore more of these concepts in detail.