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    The outline below provides a master reference for the various documents associated with App development contained in this space.  The reference follows the flow from getting started, to setting up your environment and submitting apps.  All the documents available in the Jive Developers that deal with Apps development are referenced here.



    Getting Started

    Whether you want to dive right in to App development, get perspective on the Market, or learn about the Jive SDK, the following documents will provide you what you need to get started.

    Hey, I'm new here, how do I get started?

    Welcome to Jive Apps SDK!


    Need an overview on building a social app, or an understanding of the Jive Apps framework before jumping completely in?  The following should help:


    What does it mean to build a social business app?

    Jive Application Framework Overview


    I want to build an app, what next?

    Determine. Your.  Audience.  This is the differentiating factor in determining which of the two main development paths you follow below, either:  Internal Deployment or Commercial Deployment



    Internal Deployent:  I want to build an app for use by other users in my Jive instance only

    For this case, use the Dev Console App to develop, test, and deploy your app.  Detailed instructions are contained within the app itself, but the following provides a summary:

    Developing Jive Apps for your own community - using the Dev Console app

    Coming Soon - Developing Apps Using the Jive SDK

    For users choosing app development for internal deployment, here are some special notes on caching during development and hosting apps locally:

    Dev Console - Disabling App Caching During Development

    Hosting Apps Locally During Active Development


    The above items tell you how to use the Dev Console App to test and deploy within your local Jive instance.  However, you ultimately are going to need details on how to build an App that takes advantage of the Jive platform.  For specifics on App Development, see the section below:  "Elements of Building Apps".


    Commercial Deployment: I want to build an app to offer to all Jive instances.

    For more information on how to build a commercial deployment, see the following documents


    As a vendor providing an App for commercial deployment to enterprise customers, you should read and familiarize yourself with the Jive App Development Guidelines (Jive Apps Development Guidelines) to understand what types of apps are acceptable.

    OK, I'm all set up.  What next?  Go Build an App!

    See the section below, "Elements of Building Apps".

      My App is completed.  What now?  Test what you've built!


      Coming Soon:  Jive Add-On Submission Checklist



      OK.  Testing Completed.  Everything looks good.  I think I'm ready.  Submit your app for review!


      Coming Soon:  How to Submit / Update Your Jive Add-On


      If there are any topics not covered, post a question in the Developer Community and we'll be sure to add a topic to the list.



      1. What is a Jive App?  Jive Apps Framework FAQ
      2. Development UI Guidelines  App Developer UI Guidelines & Best Practices
      3. Jive App Tutorial - Elements of Building an App  (remove references to all the one-time environment setup stuff)Jive Apps Basics Tutorial for Jive 5.x
      4. Creating a Basic "Hello World" App
      5. Jive Connects API
      6. OpenSocial API  Using the OpenSocial API
      7. Jive Core API  Using the Jive Core API
      8. Using the Jive Application Gateway API
      9. Jive Apps: Actions in RTE
      10. Understanding App Selection and Embedded Context Reference
      11. Programmatic Creation of App Artifacts
      12. Authentication: OAuth
      13. HTML Style App Artifact
      14. Using the Alternate Experience URL
      15. Building better examples...
      16. Example:  Using the OSAPI Jive Core V3 Picker Reference
      17. Valid paths for action contributions
      18. jQuery UI Theme for Jive
      19. Using data pipelining and/or templates? Make sure to add namespace to script tags...
      20. Understanding Jive Resource Links
      21. App Throttling - Configuration and Mechanics
      22. Using the Jive Activity API: How to create activities, notifications and actions from your app
      23. Understanding Application Features
      24. How to send a message to the Jive apps gateway from a .Net application
      25. Relative URLs in Apps
      26. Binary Data Storage Usage



      Here are some links you can use as references for creating Jive apps.


      Jive Core API Docs

      JavaScript API Reference

      REST API Reference


      OpenSocial References

      OpenSocial Specifications

      OpenSocial wiki (currently being migrated)

      OpenSocial Blog

      OpenSocial API Group

      Git Documentation

      The Git Community Book


      Other Jive references

      HowTo create a personal blog