Version 1

    When utilizing Jive Connects, once in a while you will receive an error response (with a 4xx or 5xx HTTP status).  In such a case, Jive Connects will return you a nicely formatted error message like this:



      "error" {
        "code" : 1014,
        "message" : "Connection reset"
      "status" : 502


    The status property is the HTTP status code that was returned by the server, and the following table describes the (current) valid values for the code field:


    1001No request body is allowed on DELETE or GET requests.
    1002Application instance has been removed.
    1003The current readiness state of this application instance cannot be determined.

    This application instance needs to be configured before it can be used.

    1005This application has been disabled.
    1006This application is not in a READY state.
    1007The connection alias specified on this request is missing or invalid.
    1008The user id associated with this application instance is invalid.
    1009The requested connection alias has been disabled.
    1010The requested Jive Connects service has been disabled.
    1011The requesting user is not authorized to use the requested Jive Connects service.
    1012The SSL handshake with the remote service has failed (typically a problem with the server certificate).
    1013The URI for this request has invalid syntax.
    1014An I/O exception has occurred when communicating with the remote server.
    1015An exception has occurred in the Jive server while handling this request.
    1016Read timeout waiting for the remote server to respond to a request.
    1017Connection timeout waiting for the remote server to accept a socket connection.
    1018Cannot allocate an HTTP connection from the resource pool in the Jive server.
    1019Requesting user is not authorized to access the requested resource on the remote server.
    1020Invalid value in a request to update connection pool timeouts (Jive admins only)