Version 1

    Steps to remove a user as an app ‘creator’.


    Prerequisites: These steps are only valid for an app that has not yet been made active in the Jive Apps Market. The app ‘creator’ will also need to have added at least one other person as a collaborator (this is done from the Jive command line tool via the ‘sharing:add’ command).


    If you are attempting to change ownership of an app that is already in the market, you will need to contact Jive Software for assistance.



    User1 - the person designated as the app creator.

    User2 – any second user to be given collaborator access to the app.

    App1 - the name of the version of the app (and associated assets) available to production.

    App1_bak – the name of the backup app (and associated assets).


    Summary: Add a new collaborator to the app, have the collaborator make a local backup of the app and then delete the app.   Create a new app with the same shortname as the original, copy over the assets associated with the old app into the new directory, then update the app. The end result is that the app is now available only to the new user and any previous user no longer has access to the app or its assets.



    Procedure (assumes a Unix based operating environment):


    1. User1 must add User2 as a collaborator.   jiveapps sharing:add <User2’s username> --app <App1>


    2. User2 should make a copy of the version of App1 stored in Jive’s repository and store it in his local directory. jiveapps clone <App1>


    3. User2 must move the local copy of the App1 assets to a backup location. The assets should be in his local directory in a folder named App1. mv App1 App2


    4. User2 deletes the assets on both the Jive repository and his local system. jiveapps delete App1


    When prompted to remove the directory paths, answer ‘y’.



    5. User2 creates a new app, using the same shortname information as the old app. This places a copy of the app assets in Jive’s repository and a local copy in the user’s working directory.

    jiveapps create <App1>



    6. User2 will now have two directories in his working directory: App1 and App1_bak. User2 should copy the assets in the App1_bak directory into the App1 directory. cp –R App1_back/* App1/


    7. User2 should confirm the status of any modified assets.   git status


    Note the name of any modified files. You’ll need to update these files in the next step.



    8. User2 should now stage and update the app assets identified in the previous step. Change into the App1 directory and execute: git add <file>


    where <file> is the name of any filed identified as ‘modified’ in step 7.


    9. User2 should now commit changes to his local git repository. git commit –m “some updates to my app”



    10. Once completed, push the updates to Jive: git push jiveapps master