Version 1

    Beginning in version 1.0.3 of the Jive Apps Command Line Tools, new app xml files will contain relative URLs for icons and screenshots.


    <Link rel="Icon"       href="images/icon16.png" />
    <Link rel="MediumIcon" href="images/icon48.png" />
    <Link rel="LargeIcon"  href="images/icon128.png />


    Also worth mentioning is that the link tags for screenshots have changed. The rel attribute for each screenshot has a unique name, Screenshot 1-5. Here is an example:


    <Link rel="Screenshot1" href="images/screenshot1.png" />
    <Link rel="Screenshot2" href="images/screenshot2.png" />
    <Link rel="Screenshot3" href="images/screenshot3.png" />
    <Link rel="Screenshot4" href="images/screenshot4.png" />
    <Link rel="Screenshot5" href="images/screenshot5.png" />


    To summarize:

    • URLs for icons and screenshots have changed to be relative instead of absolute
    • Each app should have 3 icons. Dimensions are 16x16, 48x48, and 128x128
    • The rel attribute for each screenshot is now numbered 1-5. "Screenshot1", etc
    • Each app should have atleast one screenshot, and up to five. Dimensions are 600w x 400h
    • The icon and screenshot images should be checked into the app's git repository and exist relative to the app's gadget xml file
    • We recommend updating all existing app gadget xml files to have relative URLs for icons and screenshots