Version 3

    Note:  The Jive Pattern Examples provided below are meant to provide near-Jive interfaces.  Should more guidelines be required, please reach out on this document.

    Change Notes:

    • Added 0604/14 : Added Resources for Jive Like Layout
    • Updated 08/09/11: Correction to mini-message example
    • Updated 06/28/11: Additional details around preferred_height and adjustHeight()
    • Updated 06/22/2011: Details around app height updated to note exact pixel dimensions.
    • Updated 06/10/11: Providing detailed requirements for the height of apps in home view (p.3)
    • Updated 06/07/2011: Recommended approach for app error handling is to make user of OpenSocial mini message within the app iframe.
    • Updated 05/25/2011: Jive 5 Apps maximum home view height: 400px, screen captures updated to reflect current UI styles.
    • Updated 12/22/2010: Jive 5 Apps will support liquid width on both dashboard (home) and canvas view.