Invitation for Community Manager Reports Beta

Version 1

    As was announced at Jiveworld, we are going to host a private beta for the latest version of Community Manager Reports.

    Key new features include

    • A new Daily Activity chart
    • A new Content Leaderboard chart
    • Track Registered Users (those who have logged in at least once) on the User Adoption chart
    • Enhanced export for the Places Activity and Profile completion charts
    • Significant performance improvements, particularly on the User Adoption chart


    The beta plugin will be available by end of day on October 22.


    If you want to participate, here is what it will take

    • Your environment should be Hosted with Jive and on Jive version 5.0.1+  (The new CMR will also work with 6.0 and with Jive Cloud but for the beta we are focusing on Jive 5.)
    • You will need to file a ticket to request a UAT refresh, including your analytics DB.  We have learned from experience that this can take a while so we need you request this right away.
    • We will install the plugin in your UAT environment when it is ready.  We would then like to schedule a call with you to review the reports, particularly to spot any things that look wrong.


    We would like approximately 10 participants.  If you are interested, please ping me directly before going ahead with the UAT refresh so we are certain that we can accommodate you in the beta.