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    Jive Sales Process


    There are seven stages in the Jive Sales Process:


    Opportunity ID: determine if qualified lead is interested in Jive solution, has potential executive sponsor, has potential budget

    Vision Development: develop a solution vision that resonates with decision makers

    Solution Proof: satisfy key technical and non-technical solution criteria

    Proposal Acceptance: deliver and obtain acceptance of a solution proposal

    Pending Sale: confirm purchase decision and negotiate contracts

    Processing: order is in house

    Closed Won: order is booked


    Workflow Stages 1 - 4


    1. Enterprise Sales

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    Sales Stages.png


    2. Jive Cloud


    Sales Stages Jive Cloud.png


    Based on the 4 Stages of the Sales Process I recommend you review the following material


    Opportunity ID

    Vision Development

    Solution Proof


    What is the Jive Social Business Blueprint?The Jive Social Business Blueprint is a free, self-paced set of tools separated in 4 phases.It accelerates the justification and/or implementation of customer-, partner- and employee-facing community platforms.

    • Phase 1 - Plan for Success steps you through gathering and presenting all the information needed to build a business proposal and set the stage for success.
    • Phase 2 - Build the Solution takes you through proven best practices for developing successful social business software implementations.
    • Phase 3 - Launch the Environment provides guidelines for launching a social business solution.
    • Phase 4 - Manage Your Social Business enables you to create a measurement plan that will help prove your social business environment’s business value.

    When should this be used in the sales cycle?