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    Wednesday, October 10th, 2012Thursday, October 11th, 2012

    Breakout Sessions


    Social Collaboration1Watch

    Social Collaboration - Jive as your Intranet - Enterprise Holdings

    Tom Myler, Mike Pallia

    Social Collaboration2Watch

    Race You To The Finish - Prudential

    Melissa Madura-Altmann, Meredith Guarco

    Social Collaboration3

    @Shield: An Experiment in Social Networking - Blue Shield of California         preso Watch

    Andria Saint-Evens, Michelle Hawkins

    Social Collaboration4Watch

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love my Social Intranet - McGraw Hill

    Patrick Durando

    Social Collaboration5

    No Going Back: Making Social Your Corporate Intranet From Day One            preso Watch

    Sean Winter

    Social Collaboration6Watch

    Social Collaboration-Fuel on the Fire: Apps that drive productivity & innovation

    Aaron Verstraete (BOX), Ellen Feaheny (AppFusions), Hutch Carpenter (SpigIt), Tom Brennan (Goshido)

    Social Collaboration7Watch

    Social Intranet: Powered by the People - Thomson Reuters

    Tim Wike

    Customer Service1Watch

    Approaching Customer Service from the Customer's Point of View

    Esteban Kolsky (ThinkJAR), Lamont Exeter (TeleTech), John Pasquarette (National Instruments)

    Customer Service2Watch

    Being Prepared - How to Manage Crisis in Social Business - HP ArcSight

    Trisha Liu

    Customer Service3Watch

    Integrating Jive with your Service Channel - T-Mobile

    Krissy Espindola

    Customer Service4Watch

    Easy as 1,2,3: Setting Up Your Jive Community - EVault - A Seagate Company

    Justin Strasburg

    Customer Service5Watch

    Jive Apps: Reducing Cost to Serve and Increasing Customer Satisfaction

    Curtis Gross (Jive), Larry Furr (Lingotek), Chris Boudreaux (Accenture), Michael Day (SurveyGizmo)

    Customer Service6videopreso

    NineSigma & 7Summits: Building An Open Innovation Community

    RJ Reimers (7Summits), Andy Zynga (NineSigma)

    Customer Service7videopreso

    Online Support Is Relational not Transactional - National Instruments

    Vu Doan

    Marketing & Sales1videopreso

    Wells Fargo: Jive Communities - Wells Fargo

    Nathan Coles (Wells Fargo), Darius Miranda (Wells Fargo), Elizabeth Brigham (Jive)

    Marketing & Sales2videopreso

    Marketing & Sales - Engaged Community Members = Renewing Clients - Eloqua

    Heather Foeh

    Marketing & Sales3videopreso

    Supporting Customer and Company: Managing Growth and Messaging for a Global Community - HomeAway

    Kristen Keys, Meredith Maspero

    Marketing & Sales4videopreso

    Living The Dream In Mobility - Good Technology

    Brian Carr (Good), Adam Mertz (Jive)

    Marketing & Sales5videopreso

    SAP and Jive: Unexpecting the Expected - SAP

    Gail Moody-Byrd

    Marketing & Sales6videopreso

    How To Empower Sales Force Effectiveness - Devoteam

    Elise Bruchet, Marine Poncet

    Marketing & Sales7videopreso

    Jive Apps: Making your Key Marketing and Sales Applications Jive in Jive

    Chris Meyer (INXPO), Bruno Pisano (HEDLOC)

    Advanced Community Management1videopreso

    The Path to a Fully Socialized Business - The Community Roundtable

    Rachel Happe

    Advanced Community Management2videopreso

    Transforming Customer and Partner Engagement Through Employee Engagement - NetApp

    Zann Aeck

    Advanced Community Management3videopreso

    IGNITE Session

    Creative Awareness Campaigns that Work - UBM - Ted Hopton

    Aligning Allies and Resistors - Jive - Troy Gardella

    Executive Adoption - Liberty Mutual - Ellen Clancy

    CSC Collaboration Services - CSC - Gary Lungarini

    You Might Not Be a Social Business Yet If - HP ArcSight - Trisha Liu

    Advanced Community Management4videopreso

    Community Management - Jive

    Karl Rumelhart

    Advanced Community Management5videopreso

    Transforming Event & Customer Relationships - CSC

    Claire Flanagan

    Advanced Community Management6videopreso

    IGNITE Session

    Community onboarding in a 350 year-old company - Saint-Gobain - Bart Schutte

    What would you do for a T-shirt? - Mellanox Technology - John Summers

    Drinking from the "social" hose - National Instruments - Emilie Kopp

    Building Trust Through Content - T-Mobile - Will Rose

    Barn Raising - Hitachi Data Systems - Jeff Maaks

    Advanced Community Management7videopreso

    Community Management - Jive

    Karl Rumelhart


    The New Way to Communications - Thomson Reuters & Jive

    Edward Ford (Thomson Reuters), Kathryn Everest (Jive)


    How To Make Your Community Work For You - Pearson

    Kim England


    Building a Purposeful Social Network - Deutsche Bank

    John Stepper


    Business Transformation: From the Cathedral to the Bazaar - PwC

    Simon Levene, Chris Becker


    iCollaborate: IFC's Collaboration Journey with Jive Software - IFC

    Daniel de la Morena, Murad Bangash


    Becoming A Social Business CSC Engage Communities - CSC

    Claire Flanagan


    If only I had known... - Swiss Re

    Christoph Isenschmid


    Do you know Jive Fu? - Jive

    Ryan King


    Jive Apps Development 101: Unlock Imagination - Jive

    Mark Weitzel


    Big Wins with Smart Theming & Widgets - Life Technologies & Jive

    Amber Orenstein (Jive), Dave Myers (Life Technologies)


    element14 Extending the Jive Platform To Meet Your Unique Business Needs - Premier Farnell / element14)

    Christina Zurcher,Nicole Fusz (Premier Farnell/element14), Emily Harsh (Jive)


    Jive Apps Development 102 The Best of Both Worlds: Powerful Apps - Easy Development - Thomson Reuters & Jive

    Brian Shoemaker (Thomson Reuters), Mark Weitzel (Jive)


    Jive Plugin Developer Best Practices & Strategies - Jive

    Kevin Conaway, Steve Vorhees


    Do you know Jive Fu? - Jive

    Ryan King


    SaaS Architecture & Security Overview, by Justin Fitzhugh - Jive                       preso Watch

    Chris Lyon, David Cook


    Building Successful Apps and Platforms: The OpenSocial Lesson

    Jonathan LeBlanc


    Jive Apps development 201: API spelunking - Jive

    Mark Weitzel


    Building Great User Experiences - Jive

    Chris Rivard


    Advanced Application Development and Deployment - Jive

    Ryan Tyer, Jacob Wright


    Get a "Social" Life: Breathing Collaboration into Legacy Apps - Jive

    Mark Weitzel


    Building Great User Experiences - Jive

    Chris Rivard


    Data, networks and business value - Jive

    Karl Rumelhart


    Mobile: the keystone of social - Jive

    Brian Gil


    Working Across the Firewall - Jive

    Olivia Teich


    The social layer: Jive platform features - Jive

    Josh Richau


    From Onboarding to Immersion with the Jive Platform - Jive

    Josh Richau


    Social Beyond a Destination: Bringing Jive to Existing Workflows - Jive

    Mor Avital


    Leveraging the Network for Customer & Partner Communities - Jive

    Bill Lynch