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    During my presentation at jw12 I was asked by a fellow community member on the steps to allow JIVE to consume Brightcove content.

    These are the steps I took & it works to do this on Jive 4.5.7 ... feel free to add more add more to this document.



    1. In the admin console go to: System > System Properties
    2. Locate the following property: globalRenderManager.HTMLFilter.allowedDomains
    3. Add the brightcove domain to the above property, it should look like this: globalRenderManager.HTMLFilter.allowedDomains  =,,,,,,
    4. If the property doesn't exist for some reason, you can add it at the bottom of that same page
    5. A system restart is necessary at this point.  (at least from what I recall)



    1. YOU MUST BE USING CHROME or FIREFOX to the following steps, IE will not work.browsers.png
    2. From this point on you can grab the embed code from brightcove's video player.
    3. You can now insert it into a Discussion, Document, Blog Post, etc.  To do this you must switch the editor into html mode & paste the code.
    4. Remove the "codebase" & "classid" attributes from the object tag as shown below:



    That's it .. your brightcove video will now play in your community.

    Here are some reference links to other discussions/documents on this topic:


    Gino Rossi

    Social Business Scientist / #Cmgr

    Dell | Enterprise Social Collaboration | @GinoRossi