Version 17

    This plugin lets Jive Administrators to login on behalf of other users and perform activity that the target user is capable of.


    The sudo plugin essentially follows from the idea,, and the related Discussions.


    Usage of the plugin is simple. Once installed, the administrator can visit the People tab(Admin Console) and find the User Switch item. From here, the Administrator can lookup the user and get Authenticated as the target user.

    This plugin is meant to work only with System Administrators. If otherwise, please let me know and I will check and see if this could be fixed.


    The current version of the plugin does not have the functionality of switching back to the Original User. You will have to logout and then login again as the Original User.

    This plugin has been developed and tested on Jive version 6. I believe that it might be compatible with version 5 as well. I have not attempted developing and testing on 4.x versions as of now.

    Do send me your feedback and comments.


    Update: Now compatible with Jive

    Update: Now compatible with Jive 8.0

    Update: Now compatible with Jive 9.0