Version 7

    A new Jive for Outlook v2.1 is available for customers on Jive 5.0.1+ and Jive 6.0.1+. Please see the release announcement for more info.


    Jive for Outlook gives email a social life. By bringing the social business power of Jive directly into Microsoft Outlook, we make it possible to collaborate in a new way, without ever leaving Outlook.

    This new release replaces the older version of Jive for Outlook. Please upgrade to this new version for continued support.


    With Jive for Outlook you can:

    • See activity streams and social profiles, and create threaded discussions and status updates.
    • Turn email threads and document attachments into collaborative posts in Jive.
    • Reply to comments, and include @mentions of people, places, and information.
    • Get an instant social snapshots of the people you collaborate with.
    • Search across Jive & Outlook to find emails, appointments, attachments, documents and discussions from one, quick search.

    ... and do it all from Outlook.


    This new release of Jive for Outlook brings with it many enhancements, including:

    • Ability to see the Jive threaded view of emails when viewing the full size email window, not only in the reading pane
    • When connected to multiple communities, see which community the email came from
    • Added option to disable the index for online Exchange mode stores
    • Added the ability to clear the Social Cache from the Options page
    • Increased support for Windows authentication methods
    • New authentication user experience
    • New installation and auto-update experience
    • More lightweight and less resource-intensive architecture
    • Myriad of UI/UX enhancements


    Jive for Outlook is a commercial solution – an additional commercial add-on license is required to use the module. In order to take advantage of this solution, please contact your Jive sales representative.



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    Version Information


    Jive for Outlook supports Jive 4.5.6+, 5.0.1+ and Jive 6.0.0, on the Microsoft side Outlook 2003/2007/2010 are supported


    Usage of this plugin relies on installation of Extended APIs. For more information, please refer to the Extended APIs plugin download page.

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    Client Binaries

    If you need to manually download the Jive for Outlook client binaries, they can be found here: