Version 3

    Auto-Links in documents

    brought me to another idea:

    Use the engine which creates the "More like this" links to get 10 links, preferably in the same place.

    Scan the document body for words which match part of the "More like this" document titles.

    Add to the words under-dotted (not under-lined) links to the documents.


    I've seen this on some web pages for ad-words, the generated links were under-dotted, not under-lined. I found it annoying as mouse-over did show a CSS popup, and there were too much ad-words.

    So it may be interesting to find out whether someone will like this, maybe everyone will hate it because of too much useless links. So you have been warned.


    Porting Jive to Android with SQLite or HSQLDB

    Everyone can argue how useless it is, but on a quad-core one should be able to get a small instance running smooth.

    With two devices a cluster could be build, with a shared database or file system.

    And three or more devices form a cloud.


    Out-Of-Office plugin

    Even though Ryan has already two and I have one incomplete:OOO code snippet

    A very light OOO option would be nice. No sync with Exchange, just a light and basic version. Maybe LDAP sync can be implemented, even though I wonder who has OOO fields in LDAP.