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    This is a document that we'll use for the Hack-a-thon on December 7, 2012. This came about from a number of conversations with the team from Fidelity and Deutsche Bank about how to build on and integrate with Jive.



    Where: (CONFIRMED) Fullsteam Brewery (726 Rigsbee Avenue, Durham, NC)

    Date: Dec 7, 2012

    Time: 12-6pm (Brewery opens at 4pm)

    Note: They are going to open the Brewery up early just for us! I'll be there no later than noon (and hopefully a few minutes early to setup). I'll bring lunch (pizzas) and some other snacks and what not.



    Marc Rudkowski -- Kate mentioned you had the white board "paper" that we could put on the tables. Would you mind bringing that? As backup do you have an easel and flip chart? (CONFIRMED) - we will bring whiteboards/flip charts/markers

    Mark Weitzel -- I'll bring power strips and an extension cord.

    Kate Goodyear -- i'll bring some additional snacks




    Mark Weitzel

    Marc Rudkowski

    Kate Goodyear

    Jad Talbert

    Noel White

    Ramya Kailas

    John Tullo

    Scott McLellan

    John Casey

    Kirsten Laaspere

    John Sprinkle

    Priyanka Lakhe

    Cynthia Wu



    • Laptops: Each person will bring their own laptop.
    • Internet Access: Fullsteam has wireless so we are good to go there.
    • Jive Development Instance: Both DB and Fidelity have decided that they'll VPN into their own Jive environments to develop against. However, I'd still like to make sure that you have the SDK installed and verified in case we need to use the sandbox. The instructions on how to do this are below in the "Resources" section.


    Anything else I might be missing??



    Goals and Objectives

    One challenge that we have is that we'll have different people at different points in the process. The DB folks are going to be fairly new at this while the Fidelity team already has their feet wet. Given all this, it's likely that we won't walk out of the session with a fully functional app. However, I'd like to identify the top goals that we want to ensure we get out of this endeavor. I don't want the list to get too big so that it's attainable. Jad Talbert will add to this, but here's a cut at the list:

    • Get a simple app up and running: Deployed in Jive with basic interactions. Could be as simple as the existing template app.
    • Understanding Features: Use several features in an application including: dynamic width, dynamic height, mini-message.
    • Create multiple views: Understand the different views of an application and where they are called.
    • Use App Actions: Action contributions, !App
    • Connect to an external service: Connect to a service like Facebook that uses the OAuth popup. Call the external API.
    • Connect to an external service using Jive Connects: We need to show how Jive Connects can be used to pull information in from a backend system.



    The Apps we're gonna hack...

    Since the Fidelity team is a bit further along, they have identified a number of apps that are particularly interesting. Noel White is going to carve out a "manageable" scenario around their existing room scheduler app.


    Room Finder

    Jussi Heikkola built a room finder app. It has two pieces, the app itself and the back end server. Both of these are available from Jive's git hub.

    Room Finder App

    Room Finder Server


    The FMR team was going to investigate getting the server up and running prior to the hack-a-thon so we could do this "for real". Jussi Heikkola, if they are not available to get this going, do you have an API doc so we could stub out the interface?


    Data Visualizer

    The idea behind this app is to do some cool visualizations on information in Jive.


    Chatty Kathy, a.k.a. Chat Services

    This is going to be a very simple integration that leverages the chat service that FMR has in place. We know that Jive does not have a presence API and that's OK (for now).



    For those that are not hacking per se...

    This is a FOAK event for us, so I'd like to make sure we capture what's worked and what didn't, especially since we want to do a larger event in January. I would also like to produce a blog for the developer site. It would be awesome if either Kate Goodyear or Kirsten Laaspere would "guest author" this post. It will show up on the main landing page of the developer community.

    (CONFIRMED) both Kirsten Laaspere and I will be blogging about this event for our internal community and for Jive.



    Resources and References


    App Hosting

    I'd like to make sure that I can share with you some of the apps that we have on app hosting. To do this, you will all need an account in the developer community and the SDK installed. You can sign up here. Info on the developer services is here. To verify that you've the SDK installed properly, you should be able to do, from the command line, "jiveapps info" and not get any errors.

    Note: This may be difficult inside of your respective environments because this uses SSH and port 22 may not be open. However, if we end up working across the teams outside the firewall, then this would be helpful.


    Here are some sample apps that would be good to have installed in whatever instance of Jive you are going to use.

    (FYI: If you use the dev console to install these from app hosting, signed fetch won't work. Probably not a big deal, but just in case.)


    Jive Code Runner - Hmm... This seems broken in Chrome and I'll try to fix it before Friday.

    rtejsondropper -


    Jive's git hub

    Here is the link for Jive's git hub repository. I'm happy to make all of you committers in the apps section of this if you'd like. We've got some examples in there, but I'll likely be spending some time updating these.




    Currently, the Honeybadger is hanging out with Kate Goodyear, but she promised the he'd make an appearance at the hack-a-thon.(CONFIRMED)



    Next Steps


    -- DB --

    Created three apps.

    Learned the API Concepts.

    Created content, pulled data from places, pulled external data.

    Added !App capability but need to verify (sandbox caching issue might have been a problem)


    Outlined the app they will build "for real" and will post the design document for the app. In the meantime, we'll finish the app that we started to pull metrics about the content that the user is looking at.



    They are interested in Video, maybe some of the work we've done with J