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    Linking to a Specific Template or Place


    One of the most frequently asked questions about the Forms App is whether or not there is a way to link to a specific template, or have a template post to a specific place.  The answer is, YES, this can certainly be done.  However, this is not done from within the app itself, it requires an HTML link which points to the app and tells it what template to load by default or what place to post the form content to.  The following will describe how this actually works.


    How to build a URL which opens a specific template and posts to a specific place


    Here is an example URL which does just that, here in the Jive Community -{"category":"My Templates","template":"ABC Template","locationType":"group","locationId":"4432"}


    Breaking that down into its components as follows:


    Try out the full link, and let me know how it works out for you.{"category":"My Templates","template":"ABC Template","locationType":"group","locationId":"4432"}


    Note:  You are not required to specify all four parameters in your URL, only what is necessary for your use case.  However, category and template are both required to select a pre-defined template, and locationType and locationId are both required in order to select a pre-defined place (space or group) to post to.


    Questions or comments?  Let us know.