Version 3

    Core Platform


    Our latest Jive for Teams release includes significant performance and quality improvements, plus these powerful new features and enhancements:


    • Job-specific Get Started guides -- Users can now explore several pre-loaded guides for how to use Jive for activities such as Managing Client Projects, Sales Readiness, Marketing Campaign Planning and Jive Fundamentals. Each of these guides presents a set of business objectives and quests for how to complete them in Jive. Admins will see a slightly different version of each guide that includes specific steps to help set up the network and optimize the experience for others. To check out the guides, click Get Started > Explore other ways to use Jive.
    • Status updates in groups -- You can now post status updates to a specific group. Only members of the group will see the update in their attention streams. In addition, if the group's overview page features the Recent Activity widget, your group status update will show there, too. To post a status update in a group, just click Change beneath the status box, select the group, and then Post.
    • Jive Present for iPad -- Jive Present provides specified community users access to the Jive Present for iPad application. Community administrators can learn how to configure Jive Present here.
    • Externally Accessible Groups and SSO -- You can now have both in the same network, and even design your own pre-login page that guides members and external invitees to the correct login experience (your SSO for employees or directly with Jive for external contributors).
    • New Community Manager Reports -- Get nerdy with stats! Community managers can now see the community's Daily Activity Chart and Content Leaderboard.
    • Customize your header and footer with full HTML and CSS control -- Represent more of your brand with full control of the the site header and footer with this new feature of the built-in theming tool. If you're a network administrator, just click your name and then Customize Your Site to find this under Advanced Options.
    • Post videos directly in Jive -- With Essentials+, you'll gain full native video support, meaning users can now record or upload videos directly in Jive as native content. For those who prefer to embed videos already hosted elsewhere, there's new support for Brightcove and Kaltura along with YouTube, Vimeo, and others (available in both Essentials and Essentials+).
    • Improvements to private and secret group invitations flow -- When users are invited to a private or secret group by a non-admin, the invitation is now approved by a group admin before the invitee sees it. In the past, invitees had to request access to the group they'd been invited to, sometimes resulting in awkward waiting or even rejection. Now invitees get an invite and can start engaging immediately.
    • New user registration options -- Administrators can now either disable new user registrations or turn on moderated registration for new self-registrations.
    • Audit Log Viewer in the Admin Console -- Jive logs all administrative actions. You might find these logs useful when you're tracking down the cause of an error or misconfiguration in the system.
    • Accessibility improvements -- We've made many improvements throughout the interface to make it easier for those using assistive technology to work in Jive.
    • Newly supported languages -- Dutch and Russian.
    • EU hosting now available -- Jive Software is now offering support for storing all data within the EU for companies subject to European Data Privacy laws.

    Especially for brand new Jive networks:

    • Pre-loaded example groups -- Brand new Jive networks now include a set of pre-loaded example groups designed for the network's primary initial use case such as Campaign Planning, Sales Readiness, or Managing Client Projects. The network administrator selects one of these use cases up front, making it easier for end users to get instant value from Jive.
    • Multiple Jive Networks for your Company -- You can now have multiple, separate Jive networks inside a single company to support department-specific and other use cases that naturally require segregated accounts and user experiences.


    Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Office Integration

    • SharePoint: You can work in Jive while transparently storing all your content in SharePoint.
    • Office and Outlook: We've enhanced and extended user authentication, created a new installation and auto-update experience, and improved the overall user experience.
    • Office: We've improved the merge functionality and the ability to disable document overwriting (yes!)
    • Outlook: You can now connect to multiple communities and see the threaded view of Jive emails when opening emails in a new window.
    • OCS/Lync: We now support Lync and no longer require install or configuration on client servers – it's all done through installation of MS Communication Web Access (CWA) for the win!
    • And, setup for all these is now available entirely as a self-service operation. (Jive's Professional Services team also offers service packages.)


    Improved Mobile App

    Some of the improvements we've made to the mobile app include:

    • Faster startup, quicker stream loading, and automatic content caching.
    • Completely redesigned navigation.
    • One-tap access to all of your attention streams, including your custom streams.
    • Images are not just for status updates anymore...insert pics into discussions, too!
    • You can now create Announcements for mobile users!

    Notable New Jive Apps

    We're proud to offer these awesome new apps in the Jive Apps Market. And don't forget you can type an exclamation point in a comment, status update, the content editor, and many other places throughout Jive to embed an app directly into the content you're creating.

    • Forms  -- This app allows you to create forms for your community users. For example, you might create a form for new hire contact information, sales demo requests, or IT requests. Wowsers!
    • Jive Albums -- At last! A way to create photo galleries in Jive. Drag and drop images to create a photo gallery and then reuse the gallery throughout the application.


    Detailed Fixes


    Fixed Issues in Jive Cloud Winter Release 2012


    Known Issues


    CMR Known Issues for Jive Cloud Winter Release 2012