Version 7

    See attached, build 71 released 10-7-2009


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    Included in this release:


    Widget NameWhat it does
    How is it configurable?

    Shows everyone that is online.

    Number of Results
    Borderless WidgetHTML Widget with no borders-
    BlogSummariesDoes an abbreviation of blogs (first 200 chars) with read more and pulls images from the blog to identify themNumber of Results
    WatchTagsWidgetSpecify as many tags that you want to see.tags, number of results, visibility map
    MyProfileWidgetShows your profile, your status, your work, etc. Along with your general profile information.
    number of results
    PickYourBlogEnables users to supply specific URL's to blogs to include.URLs
    OpenQuestionsDisplays a list of all open questions for a particular container or user.Number of results


    Known Issues:  Due to a core bug in earlier versions of 3.0.x we do not recommend using the Enhanced Blog Widget for communities with 20+ authors on a blog unless you are running 3.0.7 or greater.


    4.0 Support - please remove the essential plugin before upgrading to 4.0


    Widgets not included in this release

    1. EnhancedSubSpaceWidget - Shows the # of items in each container next to the space hierarchy.
    2. FindPeopleWidget - Does a direct search to just people.