Version 4


    The Jive Community has been customized to included "Cases" a new content type for Jive that look and behave almost exactly like Discussions.  There are a few key differences that are important to keep in mind to effectively use the Jive Community.


    What are Cases?

    The important difference between Cases and Discussions is that a Case will be entered into the queue that Support engineers work from.  Each case is guaranteed a timely response.  The maximum amount of time that you should expect to wait for a response is determined by your Support contract: Jive Software Support Services.  If you have an issue that you would like assistance on from Support, please submit a Case in your organization's private support group.  When you create a new Case, you will be required to input information regarding the environment and issue.  Making sure these are correct will expedite case resolution time.  Once created, you will notice there is additional information at the top of your Case that does not exist with Discussions.


    Cases are marked with a speech balloon and wrench icon:

    Case icon.png


    You will find the Case creation link at the top of the Actions Widget in your organization's private support group:



    What are Discussions?

    A Discussion in the Jive Community is used for any conversation that does not require Jive Support's input, per Jive Software Support.  This includes collaborating with users in places such as The specified item was not found. and the Jive Developers space or communicating with your Account Representatives that are not on the Support team.


    Discussions are marked with the speech balloon icon:



    You will find the discussion creation link in the Actions widget in most places throughout the Jive Community:




    Cases go to the Support team and are guaranteed a timely response as per your support contract.  Discussions don't go to the Support team, and they don't have a guaranteed response time.  If you need help from Support, make sure that you are creating a Case.