Version 4



    This document applies only to customers or partners who have access to a project in the customer Subversion (SVN) source code repository hosted by Jive's Professional Services.


    Overview of Changes



    Effective 9/14/09, a change to the SVN checkin policy will affect you if you are commiting code to this repository.  The change requires that all commits contain a valid JIRA Issue ID in the commit message.  Commits without a valid JIRA Issue ID in the message will fail.


    This change affects all projects located under the following directory:


    If you are actively working on a project in conjunction with Jive Professional Services, please contact your Jive project or account manager to provide you with a JIRA ID.  If you are not currently working with Jive but still using our repository, you can contact Greg Weinger (, and he will provide you a JIRA ID.


    We apologize for any inconvenience.


    Why We Are Doing This

    Jive PS is adopting this policy to provide better traceability from coding requirements and/or bug fixes to the actual modifications made in source code.  Requiring a JIRA ID ensures we can link from the JIRA documentation of the requirement or bug report to the code modifications. We believe this will improve our efficiency in writing new and modifying old code, aid troubleshooting, improve code quality, and enhance communication with our customers.


    These benefits extend to all custom code deployed on Jive SBS that we maintain, and therefore we are adopting this across the entire repository.




    First, you need to obtain a valid JIRA ID for your checkins.  Contact Gregory Weinger, or your Jive Professional Services Project Manager or Account Manager to provide you with one.  If you'd like to use the JIRA tool to do issue tracking as well, we'll be happy to set up a specific JIRA account and project, and thereafter you can create your own individual JIRA IDs.


    To commit successfully you need to embed this JIRA ID in your commit message.  For example, if the JIRA ID associated with the code changes is "BEE-22", to check in a change to a file named test.txt, from the command line you would type:


    svn commit -m "BEE-22 New test text"   test.txt


    If you have an invalid JIRA ID or if you do not include one, you will see a message like this:


    gw$ svn commit test.txt
    Sending        test.txt
    Transmitting file data .svn: Commit failed (details follow):
    svn: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook (exit code 1) with output:
    Committer: greg.weinger
    Commit message: "no!"
    Commit rejected: No project accepts this commit. Project [*]: Commit message must contain at least one valid issue key.