Version 7



    Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook are both locally installed connectors that allow you to use your familiar Microsoft Office programs to work with your Jive Community.  Since Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook are locally installed on users' machines, a Support engineer may need the local logs from a computer that is having an issue.  Please follow the steps below to find your logs if Jive Support ever asks for them.


    NOTE: Logs have high level information that may prove useful in the course of our investigation and may help expedite a resolution for your case.


    How to Obtain the Logs


    1. Press Windows+R to evoke the Run command window.




    NOTE:  If this is not possible, you may also launch the window from Start > Run (Windows XP) or use the Search programs and files search field (Windows 7 and 8+).


    2. Input %appdata%/Offisync/logs and click the OK button or the Enter key on your keyboard.




    3. Each file is named according to the application it was recorded under.  So for example, Toolbar_WINWORD_v12 would be for Word.  Each successive time you shutdown and restart the application, a new copy is created and appended an incremented number, so the oldest will have the higher number and the most recent should not have a number.  If you're not certain which file to obtain, simply zip all the files and attach it to your support case for further analysis