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    This page provides information and instructions on how to set up DNS entries so that your Jive SBS community can be accessed by a hostname of your choosing. As an example this will let you refer to your site as something like instead of This feature is only available on Cloud editions of Jive SBS.



    DNS is an internet protocol that maps human-friendly hostnames like '' to the IP Addresses like '' that are needed to actually communicate over the network. The technical name for this type of mapping is a DNS "A" Record. With Jive SBS hostname mapping we use a separate type of DNS mapping called a "CNAME record". This just points one hostname to another.


    What we want to have setup is two DNS mappings:

    • is a CNAME record pointing to
    • is an A record pointing to the specific address hosting your service.


    A key part of how DNS works is that every domain has it's own "Master Server". So for instance the domain has a Master Server controlled by Jive while would have it's own Master Server controlled by either the IT department of "My Company" or by a 3rd party DNS registrar. DNS software handles all the details of figuring out which Master Server to contact to look for records.


    What this means for you is that Jive can only make DNS changes for domains we control, such as In our example this means Jive can't make any changes to the DNS setup for the domain.

    Setting up CNAME

    The steps to do this all depend on who is maintaining the DNS server for the domain you want to use. In most companies this change can be done just by making a request to your I.T. department to setup the CNAME record.


    If you are using a 3rd-party registrat like GoDaddy then you most likely have self-service access to make these kinds of DNS changes. For instance in GoDaddy you would follow these steps:

    1. login to
    2. Go to your domain dashboard
    3. Go to "Total DNS/MAX" Manage
    4. Click on "Add CNAME"
    5. Enter the sub-domain you want to use ('public' in the example above). For the "points to host name" value use the name supplied in the product ('' in the example).
    6. For the "TTL" value use something like "1 Hour". This stands for "Time To Live" - it governs how long DNS servers should cache the value without rechecking.


    Configuring in Jive SBS

    Once the CNAME has been setup you need to configure in Jive SBS what the name of the site is. This can be found under "Settings -> Network Settings"



    Q: Can I just have Jive handle setting this up?

    A: No - as explained above Jive can only make DNS changes to domains it controls.


    Q: Why don't we just map '' to an IP address?

    A: There are various technical reasons for this - the main one is that by using a CNAME then Jive can move your service to a different IP address without having to make any changes to DNS configuration for ''.


    Q: What does Jive SBS use the configured hostname for?

    A: Examples of where this value will be used include:

    • creating links in outgoing emails
    • creating links for blog trackbacks
    • replacing full URLs pasted into the editor with relative links to the actual content


    Q: How does this impact the mail address/domain used by my community?

    A: This has no impact on mail addresses and domains. In the future Jive SBS will provide a method to configure incoming and outgoing emails to go through a customer domain.


    Q: How this impact SSL?

    A: When using a CNAME for your community name SSL will not be available. In the future Jive SBS will provide a method to allow the appropriate SSL certificates to be generated/uploaded.