Version 2


    In the Jive Community Jive Integrations space you can find both Jive official plugins, and community contributed plugins.  Community contributed plugins were uploaded there by Jive customers that are doing their own development.  These free plugins provide some great functionality that Jive may not out of the box.


    Jive Official Plugins

    If a plugin is an official Jive release, it has undergone significant testing and quality analysis before the version is released.  These plugins are fully supported by Jive, and we will assist you with any issues that come up.  This includes filing and fixing bugs, help with usage, and most will have some documentation available.  Jive official plugins are also updated with each new version of our software, and are released as soon as possible after the new Jive versions come out.


    Community Supplied Plugins

    If a plugin was supplied by a community user or third party company, Jive does not support the plugin as it has not undergone Jive QA testing.  This does not mean that your site is unsupported if you install a community plugin.  Unsupported in this situation means that we don't troubleshoot issues that are caused by the plugin, or file bugs for the plugin.  In the case that a Jive support engineer determines that an unsupported plugin is the cause of an issue, our recommendation will be to remove the plugin.  It is also important to note that community supplied plugins may not always be updated to work with newer versions of the software.  Any training, documentation, support, or general assistance has to come from the developer who provided the plugin.