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    Dear Latin America Partner,


    Please review the following documents that will help you position and identify the business need that Jive will solve for your prospects:

    Jive is a communication and collaboration platform for work that:

    Increase 24% Faster Collateral Development

    Decrease 23% Sales Rep Onboarding Time


    Jive for Sales Playbook

    Jive for Sales Solution Materials

    Jive for Sales Pitch Deck

    Jive Cloud Capabilities



    Increase 16% First Call Resolution

    Decrease 8% Call Volumen

    Decrease 13% Call Escalation





    Increase 10-15% workforce productivity

         Finding the right information, expertise and best practices from across the whole organization 34% faster

         Reduce email load by 20% and meetings by 16%


    Social Intranet Pitch 2013