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    When building your 2013 Business Plan the GOAL:  Identify THE list of key targets that we to penetrate in 2013.  FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!


    This plan  will form the basis for the key accounts that we will use to drive strategic initiatives so that Jive Marketing and Your Marketing Team drive communications and lead generation activities as well as field marketing and event participation activities.


    • identify the KEY target accounts within your respective territories
      • these are the 'lead bowling pins'  - those accounts that if we secure EVERYONE ELSE FOLLOWS
    • identify who can best help us penetrate accounts
    • get INTO THE C SUITE, not just a casual introduction
      • someone who can really make something happen, someone who can walk us in the door - keep it open - and get us the attention we need to make the deal come alive
      • identify the SPECIFIC  contacts within those accounts
    • get that data into the Jive Partner Community on your PRIVATE Group. We will update our CRM System so that we can communicate on an ongoing basis and MEASURE what impact we are having on these people
      • names, roles, addresses, contact details:  MOBILE PHONE numbers, e-mail, etc...
      • important roles please:  executives that can make something happen:  Partners, CALs, those within the business that OWN these accounts NOT techies, or architects, or SMEs (though knowing these people is also great) they can help spread the word, but don't DRIVE the decisions
    • set up planning, strategy sessions to agree a plan
    • educate yourself on use cases - VALUE
    • shape the decision we want to have
    • agree a prespriptive approach
      • which USE CASES
      • what APPROACH / TACTICS
    • get into the account


    • Please take this seriously.  3 closed accounts from each of you need to go over 12 accounts. That is achievable.



    This is what you need to do based on the successful Recipe from other regions in the world:


    For the Accounts you want to put on the list:

    1. Find the CEO’s letter in annual report
    2. Most recent investor presentation (located in investor relations part of web site)
    3. Recent stock price performance to give you some good ideas on what their issues are.
    4. Study, Learn and Deliver these on your first call: 00- Jive Laminate Pitch - Jan2013 - English Version - JIVE+LAMINATE+SCRIPT+v10.pdf


    We’ll have an opportunity to be prescriptive in many cases, to help lead the conversation around business value and use cases that will be most impactful to the customer (which should also be the ones where we are the strongest).


    And make sure that we check these 5 Topics:


    1. CBIs - Customer Business Initiative

    2. Executive sponsorship

    3. Deep use cases 36 Use Case Menu

    4. Implementation plan

    5. ROI/business case - We can help you build it.



    Let's go team!!!


    cc: Fernando De Allende Humberto Vieites