Release Notes - Retention - 6.0.1

Version 4



    • [RECRET-297] -         Oracle can't deal with empty strings correctly
    • [RECRET-298] -         Retaining a share must wait for all recipients before being processed
    • [RECRET-299] -         Direct Messages are not sent to Vantage via RESTAPI correctly
    • [RECRET-300] -         Editing binary file without changing other content is not captured
    • [RECRET-302] -         Sender requires "managed=true" in RestApi calls
    • [RECRET-305] -         Changing attachment without changing content does not cause event to be captured
    • [RECRET-312] -         Status Update reports "posted in private space" when content is globally visible
    • [RECRET-314] -         Options have disappeared from the Retention Settings page
    • [RECRET-315] -         External bookmark retention messages do not include the external URL
    • [RECRET-316] -         Changing the description of an uploaded document does not generate a Document Edited message
    • [RECRET-317] -         Deleting a Comment encounters NPE which causes the event to not be captured
    • [RECRET-322] -         Overriding SMTP server requires restart for values to be present on Retention Settings page
    • [RECRET-325] -         Blog post actions on posts in secret/private groups display as in a public place



    • [RECRET-304] -         Allow replacing INSTANCE_SPECIFIC RestApi content types via configuration
    • [RECRET-306] -         Listeners should leverage newly created content detection logic
    • [RECRET-307] -         XML output does not contain the userid
    • [RECRET-308] -         Ensure Tags are included in RestApi attributes
    • [RECRET-313] -         Include participants in additional fields in RestAPI calls
    • [RECRET-323] -         Make discarding of duped events default behavior


      • [RECRET-310] -         Adapter plugins need to be updated for 6.0.1-2





        • [RECRET-292] -         Private bookmarks are shown as public
        • [RECRET-293] -         Circular dependencies for spring beans Banhelper, imageManager and others



        • [RECRET-294] -         Circular dependency issues in




      • [RECRET-290] - Empty title creates invalid XML for Actiance v9