Version 2


    Jive Community Managers now have an easy way to quickly share their existing Brightcove Video Cloud assets with the community so that their users can view, share, like, and comment on them.


    The Brightcove Video Cloud plugin for Jive Community Managers offers a simple synchronization based on rules set up in the admin console. Videos are created and uploaded to a Brightcove Video Cloud playlist which is mapped to a Space in Jive. The videos in the playlist are then dynamically rendered in the Space as Jive Documents that display a player for easy viewing by community members.


    Members can then take full advantage of what makes Jive so special – its socialization features.


    In this initial release of the plugin, the flow of content is one-way, meaning that videos are managed by Brightcove Video Cloud and synched to Jive, but not the other way around. Video-enabled documents cannot yet be created or edited manually in Jive – only created dynamically by the plugin. Also, since admin console access is required to create the Spaces and rules that control the sync, this plugin is intended for Community Managers and other Admin-level users only.



    • One-way, read-only synchronization of Brightcove videos into Jive
    • Brightcove Video Cloud playlists mapped to Jive Spaces
    • Video player embedded directly in the Jive Document for easy viewing
    • Brightcove Video Cloud title, description and tags are preserved in Jive
    • Jive social features for individual video documents – users may share, like, rate, and comment on videos
    • Administration is handled through simple Jive system properties

    Version Information

    The Brightcove Video Cloud Plugin for Jive Community Managers is currently compatible with Jive 5.0.x and requires Brightcove Video Cloud Express III or higher edition.

    Quick Start Instructions

    1. Create a Brightcove Video Cloud account
    2. Create a playlist with Reference ID "jive"
    3. Create a (or choose an existing) Space in your Jive Community
    4. Install the plugin in your Jive instance
    5. Modify the system property brightcove.mappings to say SpaceName->jive
    6. Documents with embedded videos should now begin to be created in the named Space in Jive

    NOTE: more detailed instructions including how to map multiple playlists to Jive Spaces are included in the attached PDF


    Installation and Configuration

    Detailed instructions are included in the attached PDF.



    A dynamically created Jive Document with a Brightcove Video Cloud player :

    Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 12.57.13 PM.png


    Admin console showing system properties created by the plugin :