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    In this Social world of Race , Community Managers might get a thought about changing the Title which appears for the website to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it has been seen that the first few words plays an imprtont role to raise the rank in global search results.


    How about changing order of the Social Sharing summary created by Sharethis which is interlinked.


    I was working on one of the similar case for my community and figured out very less documents or cases which I could refer to get this Objective


    So all the Amigo’s out there here is a Simple Document you could refer which could give you a brief understanding where the things needs to be Tweaked to get it working  in your way


    Jive has provided us with a very helpful Admin Consol which could be used to achieve this.

    I will try to be more elaborative with the help of the screenshots of Sharethis article box here for better understanding.


    Say currently your blog Social Sharing summary created by Sharethis looks like this:


    And you are quite not satisfied with the current order


    Current order:

    [Domain > Content type > Blog Container (Community/group) > Blog title ] ...


    What you desire:

    [Blog container > Title > Content type ] ...




    To achieve this, what template to refer?  What section will make this happen?

    This may surely take lot of your precious time, and could be surely a tedious task as there are many templates present and we can’t just judge the working of the template upon the names given.

    Well, here is what you need to look into under Templates Section : /template/blogs/view-blog-post.ftl


    <title>Blog: ${}:${action.renderSubjectToText(post)} </title>


    You can change the order as desired which are separated by : in this case


    <title> ${}:${action.renderSubjectToText(post)}: Blog</title>




    You may think How Did I mange to remove the Domain?

    Well, Domain is a global thing and not just associated for the Blogs so we need to carefully play with this one as follows under: /template/decorator/default/template.ftl


                     <title>${skin.template.rootCommunityName}<#if page.title?? && "" != page.title?trim>:</#if> ${page.title!("")}</title>


    To make it Blog specific I inserted a “if” clause which works as it will only hide the Domain if any blog or document is opened to view and not for the Home page as:


    <title><#if page.title?? && "" == page.title?trim>${skin.template.rootCommunityName}</#if><#if page.title?? && "" != page.title?trim></#if> ${page.title!("")}</title>


    You can not only change the order, but could also insert the stuffs as desire and make it look completely different :




    As these changes were made in Title section of the Template, All this will also appear on the Title as is here




    You may also refer to for more help.


    Hope this Document will take less time than usual of my Amigo’s to achieve similar kinda stuff !



    Take Care,

    Amit Rajesth