Version 9

    HEDLOC Kynetyc

    HEDLOC Kynetyc, developed by HEDLOC, securely connects to your Salesforce instance and allows team members to manage their customer relationships from within the Jive platform. Whether you need assistance from the team to close a deal, or want to collaborate on providing customer support, HEDLOC Kynetyc brings your Salesforce records to life in the Jive Social Business Platform.


    A customisable dashboard lets you select the Salesforce record types that matter to you from opportunities, leads, cases and tasks. Create new leads, calls, meeting and tasks, and simultaneously search across Salesforce and Jive.


    Search Opportunities


    Create a Case


    Create a Discussion

    Create Jive Discussion about individual Salesforce records simply and easily, pushing all the Salesforce fields you decide are appropriate and embedding them directly into the discussion. This means that non-Salesforce users can now collaborate on helping your customers by working together on opportunities, cases and leads without revealing unnecessary or confidential details (such as the opportunity amount) to your Jive community.


    Customize your Settings and Theme



    !mention Salesforce opportunities, accounts, contacts and cases in Jive discussion and documents. This allows you to embed Salesforce records directly where the discussion is happening and people can view this content without even leaving the current Jive page.


    kynetyc_mentioning_large (1).png

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