Version 11


    This document outlines all of the items that are included in a Production to UAT Data Refresh for Hosted instances. Please review the list below carefully. Note: Jive does not support Cloud to Cloud Refreshes or Cloud to Hosted.


    How To Request

    A Prod to UAT Data Refresh can be requested by submitting a case with the subject: Prod to UAT Data Refresh. For more details on the refresh process and timelines, please see the Prod to UAT Data Refreshes FAQ.


    What is Included?

    Included ItemsDetail
    Application Database

    Important Notes:

    • Any custom system properties that should not be altered need to be communicated in the refresh case.
    • Email addresses in the jiveUser table are scrubbed. The outbound email settings are also cleared. If you want the email settings retained you must specify that in your refresh request.
    • With exception of the properties below all other application database content is carried forward into the UAT instance. Selective data replication is not supported.

    The following system properties are not affected during the refresh and will not be altered based on their counterparts in Production:

    • jiveInstanceId
    • jiveReportingInstanceId
    • jiveURL
    • jive.cluster.jgroup.servers.address%
    • jive.cache.voldemort.servers.address%
    • jive.storageprovider.FileStorageProvider.rootDirectory
    • jive.storageprovider.classname
    • jive.storageprovider.cache.enabled
    • jive.dv.%
    • %smtp%
    • %sso%
    • %ldap%
    • %video%
    • %mands%
    • %checkmail%
    • %eae%
    • %activity%
    • %appsmarket%
    • %master%
    • %saml%
    • %bobj%
    • %sharepoint%
    • botcache.externalURI
    • botcache.externalMessageURI
    • botcache.coreMessageURI
    • %jms%
    • %twitter%
    • outlook.mail.alias
    • jive.oauth.consumer_secret
    • jive.oauth.consumer_key
    • jive.auth.forceSecure
    • jive.profiler.widget.add-markup
    • globalRenderManager.EmoticonFilter.imageURL
    • %services.skyhook%
    • services.secret.rebuildSearchIndex.epoch
    • services.secret.rebuildSearchIndex.secret
    • services.secret.searchIndexManage.epoch
    • services.secret.searchIndexManage.secret
    • services.secret.activityIngress.secret
    • services.secret.activityIngress.epoch
    • saml.keystore.password
    • virusscan.virusScannerUrl"
    • In the refresh case Jive will ask if you prefer to keep the plugins currently installed on UAT intact, or if the plugins from Prod should replace the existing ones on UAT.
    • Refreshing between different SBS versions may cause some plugins to malfunction until the plugin is updated to the necessary version.
    • Some plugins may require additional configuration after the refresh is complete. Some examples are the Mobile and Video plugins that require specific actions to be taken after the refresh is complete.
    Analytics databaseAll analytics data is copied over.
    EAE databaseAll EAE data is copied over.
    Binary Storage DataAll binary storage data is copied over. Please include whether the site uses SSO so we are aware of existing SAML metadata. Please Note: Jive customers are responsible for ensuring SSO is set properly after the refresh is complete.
    Search IndicesSearch indices are rebuilt.
    Optional Items
    ThemesThemes are optional.
    Custom PluginsCopying plugins from your Prod instance is done by default. If you wish to keep your UAT plugins intact you must inform Jive via your case within 24 hours of your refresh.
    NOT Included
    ApplicationCustomizations to the application may not be retained; we recommend you have a plan in place to reapply any customizations after the refresh. The UAT application will remain in the existing state it was in before the data refresh with the exception of the application properties as defined above. A Prod to UAT data refresh only includes the items explicitly listed above in the "Included Items" section. Anything that is not listed above must be requested in addition to the data refresh.
    Custom War
    Custom Content
    Custom Settings