Version 3

    What are remote documents?


    Remote documents are documents that are uploaded into a SharePoint site that is connected to a Jive Place, and are viewable in Jive.


    The remote documents tab


    You can see all remote documents in the Jive Place by clicking on the Remote Documents tab


    Remote Documents Tab.png



    Filtering by Library/Folder


    If the connected site has multiple Document Libraries and Folders within those libraries, you can click on Choose Folder and select the Library, Folder or Sub-folder you want to look in


    Choose Folders.png



    What are these strange files in Remote Documents list?


    Sometimes you may see strange file names in the Remote Document list, with names that are similar to legitimate files, like this:


    Document Preview Files.png


    What you're seeing here are the files that are generated in order to see the document preview. You should only see these files if you are the SP site admin, they should be hidden from all other users. We have an open feature request to remove these files from the list for the site admin as well. If you are not the site admin and can see these files, please report the issue in this group by starting a discussion.