When to use email and when to use Jive

Version 1
    What you Use Today?Use Email WhenUse Jive When
    • Put a list of the TOOLS you USE Today and will CONTINUE TO BE USED.
    • SAMPLE
      • The existing content exists in xxxx and there is no plan to migrate over (i.e., a large document library with low rate of change)
      • You need a list with different views
      • You want to use the term store to apply advanced metadata and taxonomy
      • You have detailed workflow
      • You require a hierarchy of nested sites and folders
      • You want to capture messages on an existing distribution list for archiving
      • You want to check documents in and out
    • You're communicating with PEOPLE outside of YOUR network
    • You want to move those outside conversations into the community using Jive for Outlook
    • You're scheduling meetings
    • You want to quickly form a collaboration group
    • You're looking for expertise and conversations around particular skills or topics
    • You’re actively collaborating on a work in progress
    • You want a complete and visible thread of a conversation and a single source of truth for associated attachments
    • You need interaction via email or mobile device
    • You want to share ideas, best practices & experiences
    • You want discussion forums with email integration
    • You want to drive feedback and interaction with your content
    • You need a lightweight document hierarchy and can use categories and tags
    • You want to ask questions and provide answers, thereby building up a knowledge bank over time