Version 1

    Since cloud search is managed as a service, we do regular maintenance and feature releases as we improve it. Going forward we will be publishing those notes here in the Jive Interactive Intranet space. We will also post a reminder blog in the Jive Release Blog


    Here is what was done in January and February 2013

    • Various performance improvements.
    • Search result improvements:
      • De-emphasized status updates so they are not ranked so highly in search results.
      • Added boost to search results that match the title of a document.
      • Added boost to search results that match the search query in the order the words are entered.
      • Improved results for spotlight and trailing wildcard queries (queries ending in *)
    • Recently edited items now show up in the search results immediately, and appear at the top of the results for the first few minutes after being changed.
    • Fixed an issue where spotlight and trailing wildcard query (queries ending in *) results did not always appear in the same order on different search attempts.