Version 4

    I bet folks would even love a list of what to look out for.




    Jive Documentation

    Note: If you're going from 4.5 to 6 there are some things that got changed in 5 and then made better to address usability in 6.


    Obvious area that I think an Org Change person has to be prepared to message to users are the following:

    Jive Documentation above is awesome (just found it).  Leaving my top of the head notes here, too. If I were trying to message this a mature community, I'd try to put together a table something like:

    Edit my profileYour Stuff > PreferencesDrop down by Avatar
    Join a SpaceN/AFollow
    Personalize my view of what I'm followingYour ViewPersonal Activity Streams

    With the Jive documentation above, and some of the ideas I've given below, this should help you complete the use case change.

    What Goes Away:

    • Your view
    • email Subscriptions (replaced with better inbox - and preferences for what stream gets email alerts - so maybe a loss, but a win, too)
    • My Stuff (replaced with Browse Content and much better filtering)
    • RSS Feed Widget (I think) Thanks John Schwiller

    What's New (and Better than something else)

    • Get Started "Quests" (no replacement other than hard work on your part to get new users on boarded and trained - out of the box way to get users to do simple things and acclimate to community, build a network and join things)
    • inbox (no replacement)
    • Personal Activity Streams  (Better than Your View)
    • Follow / Share  (Better than send as email, or watch)
    • New "Follow" Spaces now (so now Spaces can have the concept of "membership")
    • @mentioning people and places (to target and broadcast)  (better than send as email)
    • CMR (well you have CMR plug in for some releases but for many of you on older releases this will be awesome and your group managers have been bugging you for this all along)
    • Browse - so many things new and better her for filtering, search my own stuff, someone else's stuff, what I authored, what I participated in, my activity stream) - pay attention though, this will be a huge shock for users to get used to - once they do they'll love it (speaking from someone that went from CSC 4.5 to Jive - who knows what version I'm on now!)
    • Apps Market, off course (but only if you enable it)
    • Gamification Module (you don't have this in 4.5, it's optional module in 6 - and even advanced customers should look at this as way to motivate, incent and match community behaviors to outcomes)


    Works Better:

    • Categories (If you click a category, you actually go to a targeted view for that content )


    What's Different and New UI for users? (i.e. Who Moved My Cheese Moments . . . but get used to it quickly)

    • Attachments moved
    • Browsing content
    • Browsing History
    • Browsing Groups - different UI
    • User Preferences - No longer under "My Stuff" (now in drop down next to name)


    Other things to look deeper into


    How's that to get the juices flowing? Other ideas?


    Tracy Maurer I know you went through this.