Version 2

    The Jive App submission checklist explains what each app developer should complete in order to submit their app(s).  Reviewing the checklist and completing each item will help you ensure the best end-user experience possible for your App.


    Before submitting your App, be sure you:

    1.  Run through your test plan and confirm that you pass all expected tests.

    2.  Don't have a test plan?  Consider going back to the previous step (test plans are extremely helpful).  Shy that, you should confirm:

    • Basic app functionality, and conformity to the UI Guidelines.
    • Confirm that the final committed version of your app is visible inclusive of expected images and functionality.  (see this note on sanity checks for relative urls and app images
    • Conformity with the app development guidelines
    • If your App requires a Jive Connects Service, you'll need to coordinate with our Developer Evangelist to have those services added to the sandboxes for testing.  You should also provide end-user instructions for configuring Jive Connects specific to your App in your App's Market listing.

    3.  Test that your App works on all of our available sandboxes (Jive Apps Development Sandboxes) so that you know what the user experience is in the major Jive releases.

    4.  Test that your App works in all supported browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE 7, 8, and 9).

    5.  Consider implementing versioning for your App.  Versioning can be of great value when attempting to confirm that updates to your App are available in the Market, and are valuable when performing troubleshooting.  In the sample images below, an "About" link in an App displays a view of App-specific details


    Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 11.09.57 AM.pngScreen Shot 2013-03-11 at 11.10.16 AM.png



    5.  If you find issues that must be resolved, please do so and then revisit your test plan to confirm that the fixes are complete.

    6.  If you encounter issues that appear to be Jive-related, please post a discussion in either your company's secret or public group (depending on the nature of the issue and your concern for privacy) in the Jive community.  Jive will review and engage accordingly.

    7.  Have a blog post written and ready for release at the time of App submission.  When your App goes live, it's great to get the word out to the world by posting to your blog in the Jive Community.

    8.  Ready to submit your App?  Here's what you'll need to know/expect:  (Submitting And Updating Your App)